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Building the Muscle of Conscious Mental Shifts

Becoming aware of how we perceive and process instincts is critical to building the muscle of conscious mental shifts in relation to emotional and cognitive distress. A way to do this is by writing down attributes you experience when distressed. A feeling you get in your stomach, tension that quickly manifests in your neck and forehead, or a change in your breath are all examples. These types of instinctual responses can not only identify for us that we need to make a shift, but also aid us in categorizing what type of shift is needed. Is it sufficient to greet the instinctive reaction with opposition through release rather than opposition by force?


Stigmata : A force to ‘metal’ with

With the advent of Stigmata two important things happened. It gave hope to the band members and more importantly it gave hope to Sri Lanka's music fans. Stigmata became a rallying point due to the incredible vision of its founders; Suresh De Silva and Tennyson Napoleon. It gathered a group of followers that believed in the bands’ music as much as the band members believed in the music they made. Daily News speaks to Band Leader of Stigmata Suresh De Silva and under his leadership Stigmata has touched lives through the power of its music.


‘Sound of Music’ for a good cause

‘Sound of Music’, a musical extravaganza with a difference, a concert/ sing along featuring Sohan and the X’periment’s with Trishell and guest stars Judy de Silva, JJ Twins and the Choir of Subashini Talwatte will be held on July 29 at 7 pm at the BMICH Banquet Hall. The event which is organized by Symphony (Pvt.) Ltd will revive yesteryear Sinhala and western songs. The proceedings of the concert will go to the Pediatric Ward of the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama. The compere for the event is Dr. B J C Perera. (Daily News)

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