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The Code of Criminal Procedure Act No. 15 of 1979, in Chapter XVI under the title 'Of the Charge' in Section 164 stating that the charge should state the offences, lays down that (1) every charge under this Code shall state the offence with which the accused is charged; (2) if the law which creates the offence gives it any specific name, the offence may be described in the charge by that name only; (3) if the law which creates the offence does not give it any specific name, so much of the definition of the offence must be mentioned as will give the accused notice of the matter with which he is charged; (4) the law and Section of the law under which the offence said to have been committed is punishable shall be mentioned in the charge; (5) the fact that the charge is made is equivalent to a statement that every legal condition required by law to constitute the offence charged was fulfilled in the particular case; and (6) the charge shall when it is preferred, whether at the inquiry preliminary to committal for trial or at the trial, be read to the accused in a language which he understands.


Traffic fines increased

Cabinet yesterday greenlighted a move to increase fines for violations of traffic rules with the aim of curbing road accidents.


JKOA launches SAP Hybris Cloud for Service

Leading office automation solutions provider John Keells Office Automation (JKOA) launched the SAP Hybris Cloud for Service customer support module on 6th August at its Colombo headquarters. The module is the result of an agreement signed between JKOA and SAP Hybris in a move that will significantly enhance the JKOA customer experience by enabling real-time interaction between clients and after-sales service providers. The launch was attended by senior management from JKOA, SGIT (JKOA’s strategic SAP partner) and Itellegence (JKOA’s implementation partner).


I resign with pride: Ravi

The decision to resign from his position of Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka was made with pride and not with sadness or under pressure, Ravi Karunanayake said in Parliament a short while ago.

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