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Overcoming Mommy Burnout

Mommy burnout is not new. Moms have been burned out for generations. We’ve laughed about tired, harried moms for decades. Comic strips, sitcoms, blogs, Internet memes, and even movies give women the opportunity to bond, through laughter, over the difficulties around the motherhood experience. What has changed in recent years is that with the advent of social media, more research on exhaustion and stress, and an increase in mental health diagnoses, it is not enough to laugh. Sure, all the depictions in popular culture give light to our situation, but as the situation has changed, and become more extreme, the time has come to act. Laughing feels good, but it doesn’t give moms the tools they need to STOP and learn how to feel better. And it is important to stop mommy burnout—for ourselves, our partners, our children, our whole families, and families in the future.

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