Saturday, 12 September 2020 05:20

Whole of UK could be hit by 10pm curfew in bid to avoid second wave

Britain could be facing a nationwide curfew as part of efforts to avoid a second wave.

Ministers are thought to be considering banning people going out after 10pm or 11pm to try and keep a lid on the recent surge in cases which has been attributed to younger people socialising.

Venues in Bolton will be required to close between 10pm and 5am to try and halt the transmission of coronavirus there, with a similar curfew also understood to be under consideration in Bradford.

A senior Government source told The Daily Telegraph that ministers are thinking of extending the curfew nationwide in a bid to keep infections under control. It follows the apparent success of similar measures in Belgium.

Jeremy Hunt, chair of the Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee, asked Health Secretary Matt Hancock if ministers will look to South Korea and Hong Kong as examples of good practice for stemming an increase in cases and avoiding a second lockdown.

Mr Hancock replied: ‘In some countries, not only in the Far East but also closer to home, they have seen a rise in cases especially among younger people, taken action and that has turned the curve.

‘That’s particularly true, for instance, in Belgium which we were very worried about a month ago but the case rate has come right down when they put a curfew in place.’




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